The things they DON'T tell you before you spend $250 on a thermostat

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The things they DON'T tell you before you spend $250 on a thermostat

Post  randymad on Thu Oct 25, 2012 12:51 pm

Well, count me among the EXTREMELY dissatisfied Nest customers. Got mine two days ago. Install went fine. Worked fine until the following morning - when it was dead. After several calls to tech support, I left the house late for work, with a non-working thermostat and a very unhappy wife. They had me charge it all day via USB cable. Re-installed it when I got home. Seemed to work fine. This morning - dead again. Now they're telling me that there are some routers that cause the thermostat to continually restart, thereby draining the battery. So now my options are to replace my router, or do without the internet connection - which renders the mobile apps unusable.

NOT happy. There's nothing on their website alerting potential buyers to this issue. It seems wiring and heating type are not the only factors affecting compatibility.


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Turn off WiFi

Post  mdfavion on Sun Dec 23, 2012 2:17 pm

I had the exact same problem when I was connected to a Linksys WAP54G access point. I switched it over to my Netgear router and the problem stopped. A list of questionable units is on the Nest web site. If you have this problem, the wifi can be turned off on the Nest and the unit used as a stand-alone thermostat.


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