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Range from set temperature... Empty Range from set temperature...

Post  Imola.ZHP on Thu Jan 17, 2013 7:05 pm


New to nest from a different brand Wi-Fi thermostat and I have a question/new feature request...

With Nest being so focused on energy savings, I am surprised that we are not (or I have yet to figure out how to) able to set a "range" from set temperature for the system to come on...

For example, on my previous thermostat I was able to set the range to 2 degree's instead of 1 degree (with Nest). Meaning that if I have my heat set on 67 degrees, instead of coming on when the temperature dropped to 66 degrees (as it currently does with Nest), the heat would not come on until it dropped to 65 degrees. This reduced the number of times the HVAC was turned on and off. I am no genius when it comes to HVAC or energy savings, but I would think that less start up and shut down would convert to more energy savings. Perhaps it doesn't and it is just a gimmick from the other thermostat company... Thoughts?




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