Unhappy with Nest replacement policies

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Unhappy with Nest replacement policies Empty Unhappy with Nest replacement policies

Post  brucel on Tue Aug 21, 2012 7:28 pm

I bought 3 nests for 2 of our houses (2 are at our vacation house). To make a long story short, one of the 3 week old nests at the vacation house is DOA. Nest is happy to ship me a replacement unit, but it will ONLY ship to the credit card billing address. This of course does not help me being at a house with the A/C not working. Even thought I have to give them a credit card to guarantee the return of the defective unit, their policy is inflexible. Therefore, besides the fact that one of my 3 died after only 3 weeks, if you plan to install a nest at a location that is different from your credit card billing address, beware!



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Unhappy with Nest replacement policies Empty Re: Unhappy with Nest replacement policies

Post  Imola.ZH on Thu Jan 17, 2013 6:57 pm


I wish I had your problems...

Stop for a minute and think about why they can only ship to your billing address...

I'm sure its part of the user-agreement they have with whomever handles their credit card transactions. Lets say I happen to get ahold of your credit card number and claim that I have a defunct Nest and have them send one to my home address with the story that it is my(your) vacation home... Once you become aware of this, you notify the credit card company, and since Nest didn't ship to the billing address, you promptly get your credit card refunded and Nest looses that money...

But I guess if this system wasn't in place you could then complain about people being able to easily ship fraudulent merchandise...

It's really hard to please everyone... Perhaps a quick trip to a local hardware store for a "normal" thermostat could have solved your non air conditioning issues temporarily...


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