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Post  mykro5 on Mon Aug 06, 2012 12:46 pm

I'm new to nest thermostat, but upon using it for few hours, I realized the nest app has a lot of room for improvement.

(using nest app from an android phone)

- immediate info display:
The AT A GLANCE info should be at the very top layer of the app, and NOT embedded in the settings tab forcing the user to navigate through the app.

- Settings only in landscape mode?
Why can't the Schedule and Settings tabs be available in portrait mode as well?

- Up/Down arrow buttons?
It is a shame that the app is using the Up/Down buttons for the temperature adjustment when the real physical thermostat is using the rotational ring. This beautiful design is lost in the digital version.

Please add your list of enhancements here.


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Post  charette on Wed Oct 03, 2012 4:25 pm

agreed with everything listed
definate room for improvement in the mobile app

-tstat should have ability to have intermitant fan/min fan time per hour
-humidity control on gen 1 is possible with software update, could be done on the aux port / or allow gen 1 users to buy a new back plate
-display should have user option to show current temp rather than requested temp
-option to dim screen when inactive rather than off, to see it at a glance
-using the zigbee chip to interact with current price per kw based on time of day usage "chip is already in tstat, just not used"
-filter minder to email you when filter change is needed
-ability to have more than one unit but only one is active to get more acurate temp for the "active room" / or remote sensors
-ability to set triggers in schedule based on humidity level and not just temp
-alow control of external devices using wifi add on devices


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