Limit continuos Aux Heat to reduce Max Demand Charges

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Limit continuos Aux Heat to reduce Max Demand Charges Empty Limit continuos Aux Heat to reduce Max Demand Charges

Post  RyanC on Mon Apr 29, 2013 5:20 pm

It was recently explained to me that In Connecticut, and I'm assuming in other areas, a large part of the power bill for businesses are based on "Max Demand", the highest amount of power used during any 30 minute period of the previous month. Last month, my small business's "Max Demand" was 25kW, which accounted for roughly $275 of our $450 bill.

Our office is small, and there's no doubt that most of the Max Demand is caused by the Aux Heat unit in our HVAC system. For comparison, in the summer, our max kW is around 5kW each month. I've adjusted the Nest's Heat Pump Balance, but there have been cold mornings where the Aux Heat is absolutely required, and, once the Aux Heat runs for 30 minutes, our next bill is guaranteed to be over $400 (even if the the Aux Heat is only used for 30 minutes in the month!).

I believe the Nest can save me at least $100 a month in the winter with one new feature: Let me set a "Max Continuous Aux Heat Run Time" and "Aux Heat Rest Time". Let me tell the Next to only run the Aux Heat for 10 minutes at a time and then rest for 20 minutes before starting up again. Sure, it will take a little longer to heat up, but at least my "Max Demand" will stay much lower and I should be around 12kW Demand instead of 25.



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